These are our healthy, energizing online courses & (home) retreats for you:

Alkalize, detoxify & purify your body; clear your mind & balance your emotions with a water or juice fast. Enjoy a seven days complete & holistic online retreat with an abundance of healthy lifestyle interventions. The unique course prepares you for your detox days, supports you during your time of letting-go & inspires you to a new start into your healthier life.

from 99 Euro

Learn the almost forgotten and unique Five Elements Yoga Form. Dynamic flowing movements (asanas) of the body are synchronized with a calm and deep breath.
Flowing with the Elements is a good choice for you if you wish to
– enhance your vital energy
– release stress & balance your emotions
– increase your physical & mental flexibility whilst enjoying the benefits of a meditative & serene state of mind.
Flow with me gracefully through the elements

from 33 Euro

Discover how you can tap into your inner source of energy, serenity & tranquility. This Mindful Relaxation course combines the proven relaxation technique autogenic training with muscle relaxation, breathwork, body awareness, Yoga Nidra, affirmation, visualisation, guided meditation & imaginary healing journeys.
In this audio course you learn how to reduce stress & increase your resilience; you will master all steps of the autogenic therapy yourself & get to deeply relax in each module. The autogenic relaxation technique is suitable for stress-induced conditions, day-to-day stress management & for your blissful me-time!

from 19 Euro

Cleanse, relax & regenerate in a group of like-minded
Vitawell´s Holistic Detox Community Course is a unique seven days online retreat with a daily „detox & relax“ program and supportive interaction within the group.
Gain all the necessary knowledge on a water or juice fast, experience the benefits of body & mind purification, learn how to release stress and toxins and get inspired to a healthier lifestyle.
This home retreat provides self-paced lectures, daily activities and exchange with other participants as well as the course instructor.

from 149 Euro / 20.10. – 26.10.2023

With this Add-On you can upgrade your Holistic Detox course to join our Community Course.

You have already participated in one of our Community Courses? With this Add-On you can re-join the next one.

49 Euro