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This Add On is for you if you already purchased regular course access or have already done your Community Course before, but now want to (re-)join in our Community Courses.

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Community Course Features Add On Description

Do you wish to have a more personal and engaging course experience in a community of like-minded people?

Did you already purchase access to one of our regular courses or have you already participated in one of our Community Courses and wish to do it again?

If so, the Community Course Features Add On is for you. This Add On gives you one time acess to the Commmunity Features of a course you have already purchased access for – either 30 Day or Lifetime access.

Our Community Features include:

  • Sharing your course experience in a group of like-minded people for mutual support and inspiration
  • Access to a dedicated and facilitator moderated Facebook group where participants can share their experience, socialize and ask questions
  • A course buddy with whom you can communicate as well as motivate and support each other during the course
  • One personal 20-30 minute consultation with the facilitator for individual questions, information, advise and inspiration

Please note:

This Community Course Features Add On can be used if:

  • we offer a Community Course version of the course you are interested in
  • you have already purchased 30 Day or Lifetime access to the regular course you wish to add the Community Features to, or if you have access to a Commmunity Course but have already done it before
  • you still have course access when the actual Community Course takes place

This Add On can only be used once. You can buy as many more Add Ons and repeat our Community Courses as you wish.

When purchasing the Add On, please add the details of the Community Course you wish to join in the notes field during checkout or send us an email so that we can add you to the course. You need to inform us at least three days before your chosen Community Course begins. In addition, after you have been added to the course, please make sure to book your included consultation for free here.

Your Facilitator

Tina Krombach

Here at Vitawell, in my courses, webinars, consultations and retreats, I wholeheartedly commit to sharing my extensive expertise on natural living & holistic healing. I thrive by supporting you on your unique journey to more vitality & wellbeing. For more than two decades I have been practicing classical homeopathy and various holistic naturopathic modalities. It is an intensive yet very rewarding process to get to the source of feeling at dis-ease and working out what hinders us from unfolding our whole potential in life.

Over the years I learned that practical relaxation techniques, body awareness, the mindful creation of healthy habits and holistic self-discovery are as important as hands-on healing modalities. As an alternative medicine practitioner/naturopath and course facilitator, I am your guide on your journey to reconnect with your inner healing abilities. I am here to help you to make informed choices and take conscious responsibility for your own health & wellbeing. Vitawell is our meeting point for your empowerment to more vitality & good health!

If you wish to know more about my experiences and qualifications, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which Community Course are upcoming?

Simply have a look here and make your choice. More courses to come soon.

What if I want a refund?

No problem. We offer you a 15 days 100% money back “Love It or Leave It” guarantee, provided you have not yet used the Add On. Send us an email with your request.

What do I do if I have another question?

You can find our full Vitawell FAQ here.

What do I do if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact us anytime. Click here.

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