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Where Vitality meets Wellbeing

The name Vitawell is composed of two word roots: Vita and Well. They describe best what we constantly strive to nourish and grow: vitality and wellbeing!

We are also thinking of another deeper meaning of the word Vitawell. Vitality, vital force or life energy, is the energy that keeps mind, body & soul connected. It has a well, a source or spring, where it rises from. This source of vitality is at the core of our work. Our Vitawell courses and webinars will help you to nourish your source of vitality, harmonizing and energizing your body, mind and soul.

Vitawell has been created to support you in taking your health and wellbeing back into your own hands. We have established our online learning platform because we felt that there is a need for quality holistic health-related learning opportunities in an engaging, enriching and flexible format. Our courses empower you to lovingly look after your own wellbeing – wherever you are, at your preferred time, and at your own pace.

We at Vitawell believe that enjoying a sense of wellbeing and being well are wonderful steps towards good health and the prevention of  dis-ease. Wellbeing is essential for a healthy, balanced and joyful life.

Our Courses

Rejuvenate & Revitalize yourself with Vitawell Courses

Our aim is to provide high quality, enriching and flexible holistic health courses and webinars. Our unique courses inspire and guide you with effective in-depth know-how about how to boost and care for your health. We offer you the necessary tools to be – and stay – well. Each of our courses and modules reflect the aim to empower you to integrate your gained knowledge and experience into your everyday life.

Vitawell courses provide guidance and experiences for you to get and stay fit, relaxed, de-stressed, detoxified and well- nourished. We wish to support you to maintain and even increase the health and joy you gain on your journey through the courses.

We want you to be able to choose your right timing and setting to enjoy our offers. That´s why we have created them in a modular structure with maximum flexibility in mind.

Our variety of online courses is built on the main pillars of a healthy lifestyle: nutrition and detox, breathing and mindfulness, relaxation and embodied movement. Each course can be enjoyed separately or can be combined with others to create your personal holistic wellbeing experience.

The range of our offers will keep expanding as we grow, to provide for your holistic health-care needs.

Nourishing Vitality

Our Values

Quality support for your health & wellbeing

We believe that the best care for your wellbeing and the best prevention of dis-ease (or feeling uneasy) is to empower and guide you to make informed and healthy lifestyle choices. Hence, we strive to assist you in gaining more confidence in your inner healing abilities and reconnecting to your innate source of vitality. We place great value on providing you with an abundance of high quality information and striking inspiration that empowers you to take responsibility for your wellbeing, health and vitality.

Vitawell offers you
– High quality courses at affordable prices
– Traditional health care wisdom to refine your lifestyle
– Cutting edge modern research findings supporting you to make informed choices
– Easy explanations on complex body functions
– Health consciousness, mindfulness and body awareness
– Support in effectively cultivating your wellbeing – naturally and holistically
– Inspiring ideas that can replace your old habits which no longer serve you
– Effective natural home treatments for various health complaints

Our Story

Make wellbeing your lifestyle

For more than half of my life, I have been interested in holistic healing modalities, in body awareness and in nature’s gifts to sustain vitality and a fulfilled, joyful life!

Since 2002, I, Tina Krombach, have been designing and conducting workshops, courses, individual detox protocols and group retreats internationally. In 2004 I graduated from my studies of Alternative Medicine and Holistic Healing in Germany, Since then I have been practicing Homoeopathy and Naturopathy including Herbal Medicine, Reflexology Therapy, Auricular/Ear Acupuncture, Reiki, Relaxation and Yoga Therapy, Nutrition, Detox and Systemic Family Constellation Therapy in Germany, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates. (If you wish to know more, please read my bio and my CV).

In my consultations, I am often asked for advice on holistic lifestyle changes. Healthy lifestyle choices nicely complement my holistic treatments and natural healing modalities. With Vitawell, we have created a unique way to inspire and guide you to a healthy lifestyle.