Flowing with the Elements

Five Elements Yoga Form

This special Yoga is based on the unique Five Elements Form. We move into a meditative state of mind by synchronizing the breath with dynamic flowing motion of the whole body, while our feet are grounded on the earth.

Are You Ready for a Dynamic Meditative Flow?

Course Description

Flowing with the Elements is a dynamic Yoga practice where invigorating, yet gentle, flowing movements are combined with a meditative state of mind. Enjoy a toned and strengthened body, benefit from increased flexibility in the spine and release mental stress through these invigorating, effective and uplifting exercises. The Five Elements Form originated in Northern India as the physically active part of the purification practices “Tattwa Shuddhi Sadhana” hundreds of years ago.

20 individual exercises of fluid movements create one meditative flow, performed in two varying standing positions. Flowing with the Elements resembles Vinyasa Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi, for their continuous moves from pose to pose. It can be practised barefoot in nature or at home. Each complete session lasts 30–60 minutes and there are no props nor Yoga mat needed. The course is suitable for the novice and advanced Yogi alike. The movements  were inspired by daily tasks of village people in ancient mountainous India. Their repetition and combination into one flow of movements, synchronized to the breathing, transform them into a healthy, effectively energizing and meditative flowing practice.

After an introduction to Five Elements Yoga, we will practice the 20 single exercises step by step as separate flowing units, synchronizing your breathing and feeling their beneficial physical and emotional effects unfolding. Then we move on to perform them as a complete meditative flow of exercises.

Flowing with the Elements promotes an appreciation of the five elements and their various attributes within the core of our being:

  • the earth that supports and grounds us
  • the water that teaches us flexibility of body and mind
  • the fire as a source of our creativity
  • the air that refreshes and revitalizes us
  • the ether (akasha) that connects us with everything else in the universe

The Five Element Form has been developed as a series of tantric yoga exercises to protect, purify, energize and rejuvenate the practising Yogi. Experience a very different kind of Yoga, a dance-like exercise that will soon uplift your sense of wellbeing and leaves you feeling well-balanced, flexible and with a refreshed zest for life.

No previous knowledge of yoga, dance or meditation required.

How It Works

Course Outline & Structure

The self-paced online course consists of 9 video modules and 1 poster which provides an overview of the 20 exercises of Flowing with the Elements.

First, we introduce this unique Yoga practice, its philosophy, effects and benefits on the whole body, mind and spirit.

Then we move on to practicing the single exercises. There are 20 sequences of movements in total. We recommend to practice one module – containing four to six sequences – at a time and to explore the single exercises step-by-step at your own pace. You will get demonstrations, instructions, detailed background information on the movements and explanations about their effects on body, mind and soul.

After learning all the 20 exercises, you will be guided through the complete Five Elements Flow, focussing on how to synchronize your breathing with the movements. In addition, we provide two more classes for your continuous, regular practice: Dynamic Flow with the Elements for Energy & Equilibrium and Meditative Flow with the Elements in Nature.

The course is complemented by a bonus video on Energy Circulation & Joint Mobilization, which is suitable as a warm up for various kinds of Yoga, bodywork and exercise practice.

How you will benefit

Benefits & Outcomes

Flowing with the Elements is a unique Yoga course leaving you feeling charged with energy, while being focused and calm. Its purpose is to joyfully nourish your vitality and enhance your health, wellbeing and inner tranquillity.

Like all Yoga practices, it promotes your natural ability to heal and to appreciate your body, your mind and emotions.

A regular flow with the elements helps you to

  • Physically tone, stretch and strengthen your body
  • Move muscles and joints in a gentle yet effective way
  • Increase flexibility of the spine
  • Extend the range of movement of the arms, legs, hip and joints
  • Promote a healthy circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids in the organs and tissues
  • Improve health and vitality
  • Raise body awareness
  • Deepen the breath, which promotes detoxification and revitalization 
  • Create a calm and meditative state of mind
  • Soothe emotions
  • Promote the release of mental stress and anxiety
  • Focus and quieten the mind
  • Keep the mind flexible to enable a change of perspective and lifestyle
  • Unleash intuition and creativity
  • Empower to actively create healthy habits and a fulfilling lifestyle
  • Create moments for reflection and contemplation

What you Get

Here is what you will receive

  • A total of 12 modules, including 11 videos and 1 poster
  • 1 introductory video module, including the philosophy, history and benefits of Five Elements Yoga
  • 4 video modules each demonstrating and teaching four to six single exercises out of 20 in total
  • 3 video classes for your regular and continuous practice: 
    • Complete Guided Flow with the Elements
    • Dynamic Flow with the Elements for Energy & Inner Equilibrium
    • Meditative Flow with the Elements in Nature
  • Detailed information on the healing and balancing properties of this unique kind of Yoga
  • 4 hours course material to learn the Five Elements Yoga Form step-by-step at your own pace
  • One Poster providing an overview over the 20 individual exercises
  • 30 day or lifetime access to the complete course
  • Bonus video on an effective warm up practice for Energy Circulation & Joint Mobilization
  • A 10% discount voucher for your next purchase at Vitawell

Course Curriculum

Your Facilitator

Tina Krombach

Here at Vitawell, in my courses, webinars, consultations and retreats, I wholeheartedly commit to sharing my extensive expertise on natural living & holistic healing. I thrive by supporting you on your unique journey to more vitality & wellbeing. For more than two decades I have been practicing classical homeopathy and various holistic naturopathic modalities. It is an intensive yet very rewarding process to get to the source of feeling at dis-ease and working out what hinders us from unfolding our whole potential in life.

Over the years I learned that practical relaxation techniques, body awareness, the mindful creation of healthy habits and holistic self-discovery are as important as hands-on healing modalities. As an alternative medicine practitioner/naturopath and course facilitator, I am your guide on your journey to reconnect with your inner healing abilities. I am here to help you to make informed choices and take conscious responsibility for your own health & wellbeing. Vitawell is our meeting point for your empowerment to more vitality & good health!

If you wish to know more about my experiences and qualifications, please click here.

Course Feedback

“Before the course I was feeling stiff in my body and stuck in my emotions. I was ready to make a change and am so happy that I found this course. I got the result in a few weeks and life is so much better.”

Kathrina Johnson

“I am so glad I found the course and it sure worked for me. I had some objections in the beginning but decided to try something new, and it ended up paying off big time!”

Toyin Kalu

“I developed a very different mindset during this course. I came for some new form of Yoga, but this Flow ended up transforming who I was from the inside out.”

Richard Berger

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the course work for me?

If you are motivated and ready to put some effort into it, then very likely yes! View our free course material and make sure to read the details on this page to help you decide.

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No problem. We offer you a 24 hours 100% money back “Love It or Leave It” guarantee. Send us an email with your request.

When does the course start and finish?

This course is “evergreen” which means you can begin at any time.

Will I get access to the full course all at once?

Yes. After purchase you will get full instant access immediately.

What do I do if I have another question?

You can find our full Vitawell FAQ here.

What do I do if I have more questions?

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Flowing with the Elements combines gentle movements into a flowing exercise. There are two standing positions that form the basis from where the body is moved. This form of Yoga does not require previous knowledge nor extraordinary flexibility or physical strength. It is possible to partition the flowing sequences and pause in between to suit any level of fitness. It is gentle on the joints and can slowly increase their mobility through regular practice.

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